NatureWatch NZ = iNaturalist NZ—Mātaki Taiao

In May 2018, NatureWatch NZ ( rebranded to iNaturalist NZ—Mātaki Taiao ( iNaturalist NZ—Mātaki Taiao, and before it NatureWatch NZ, are the New Zealand site on the global iNaturalist Network.

iNaturalist is now the world's largest community platform for observing and identifying all species of life on Earth. iNaturalist NZ—Mātaki Taiao, and before it NatureWatch NZ, have been providing a home for Kiwis on iNaturalist since August 2012. In New Zealand, we are operated by the New Zealand Bio-Recording Network (NZBRN) Trust, a NZ charitable trust lead by a team of NZ ecologists, taxonomists, and biodiversity IT professionals. Globally, iNaturalist is an open-source, global nature observation system driven by the California Academy of Sciences and National Geographic.

You can become part of the vibrant community on iNaturalist NZ—Mātaki Taiao by using the iNaturalist app (available free on Android and iOS) or on the web at When you use iNaturalist NZ—Mātaki Taiao, you get all the goodness of the global, but with a Kiwi flavour (we like think of it more like a Pavalova with slices of kiwifruit, rather than Marmite on toast, although Marmite on a slice of Vogels is still pretty good).

Using iNaturalist NZ—Mātaki Taiao means that get to be part of a amazing community of over 27,000 New Zealand users and explore their observations, including the observations needing identification. By default you see our Kiwi common names for species, like poroporo, and not kangaroo apple. (That's a plant that's native to NZ and Australia.) You also get the New Zealand projects, and all the announcements about New Zealand events and discoveries. You're in the Kiwi community on iNat.

When you use iNaturalist NZ—Mātaki Taiao, you are also using the global iNaturalist at the same time. iNaturalist NZ—Mātaki Taiao is the Kiwi window into iNaturalist. That way your piwakawaka and tōtara observations don't get lost in a flood of squirrels and bald eagles. (Nobody in New Zealand wants to get lost in a flood of squirrels and bald eagles.)

Since all iNaturalist NZ—Mātaki Taiao observations also show up simultaneously in the global iNaturalist system, this also means that you've got the world's best naturalists looking at your observations, ready and keen to help. And, if you go overseas, you can use with your iNaturalist NZ—Mātaki Taiao account. When you get back home, all your overseas observations will be there in your list of observations inside iNaturalist NZ—Mātaki Taiao. It's the best of both worlds.

An additional benefit of being part of iNaturalist NZ—Mātaki Taiao is that your iNaturalist observations get safely archived here in Aotearoa by the NZBRN Charitable Trust. This way they can be made available on request for use by New Zealand researchers.

So why are you still here? Head on over to and start exploring!

Finding old NatureWatch NZ observations

Wait, you're still here? Perhaps you've found an old NatureWatch NZ link published somewhere, and you're looking for where it went. We're here to help.

We're setting up this website at to redirect old NatureWatch NZ links to their new homes on iNaturalist NZ—Mātaki Taiao.

Old web addresses can usually be updated just by pointing them to the new domain name. For example an old link to is now the same webpage on iNaturalist NZ—Mātaki Taiao at

That won't for links to older observations created before October 2014. That was when the New Zealand instance of iNaturalist, which we had been operating on NZ servers, merged into the global iNaturalist Network infrastructure. We are endeavouring to create each older NatureWatch NZ webpage again, to make all of the those old links redirect to the current pages on iNaturalist NZ—Mātaki Taiao.

We'd like to hear from you if you find an old published NatureWatch NZ link that doesn't correctly redirect to its new home on iNaturalist NZ—Mātaki Taiao. If you find one, please let us know on email at