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Brown Algae Seaweeds of New Zealand

A pictorial guide showcasing the common brown seaweeds found around the coast of New Zealand

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Tricky Triplefins of NZ

Triplefins abound in the intertidal zone so this is a pictorial guide that showcases the different species that we have.

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Jellyfish of New Zealand

Jellyfish and relatives found around New Zealand's coasts.

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Chitons of New Zealand

Chitons in NZ and its EEZ, based on www.molluscs.otago.ac.nz/poly.html. See www.ucd.ie/cobid/chitons/glossary.html for diagrams.

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Beach Barnacles Of New Zealand

A guide to the barnacles found around the rocks of New Zealand beaches as well as information on which part of the intertidal they are found.

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Lovely Limpets of NZ

This guide showcases the limpets that are found around the intertidal zone of New Zealand.

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Intertidal Zone - Rockpool Life

This guide contains what is often found in the rockpools and crevices exposed after the high tide including crabs, shellfish, starfish, fish, seaweeds, chitons, limpets and other creatures.

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Getting Good Photos For Identification

There are many plants and creatures that need photos of certain parts to help with ID. So to avoid the dissapointment of not being able to get an id for that amazing plant or creature you found because you did not photograph the correct part, follow this guide to get the photos you need :) I...

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Scatology for New Zealand

Examples of animal scat (including poo and regurgitated pellets) to help identify what species has 'passed' this way. A good resource: http://www.pestdetective.org.nz/clues/droppings/

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Birds of Polhill Reserve

Polhill Reserve is a number of regenerating bush reserves within the halo around Zealandia - Karori Sanctuary.

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Mussels of New Zealand

The various shell fish found in the wild around New Zealand which are know as "mussels".

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Guide to the Paua (Abalone) species found in New Zealand.

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Shags and Cormorants of New Zealand

A guide to the shag species (also known as cormorants) found in New Zealand..

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Sea Anemones of New Zealand

A guide to common sea anemones around New Zealand

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Bumblebees of New Zealand

Bumblebees were introduced into New Zealand to fertilise crops such as clover. Use the pattern banding as a guide rather than colour, as colour can vary widely within a species. These diagrams show the size range of workers of each species (early season workers, raised by the queen alone, are o...

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Butterflies of New Zealand

Butterflies native and introduced, found in the wild in New Zealand. Note: the classifications of NZ copper butterflies is currently being revised, and the old names here may no longer be relevant.

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Reptiles and Amphibians of New Zealand

A guide to the reptiles currently found in New Zealand in the wild, most are native species, but there is the odd one that is introduced. There are about 43 endemic geckos and about 50 skinks, not all are included here yet. Also there is a sea snake and marine turtles that visit.

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Introduced Birds of New Zealand

A guide to the bird species that were brought to New Zealand and accidentally or purposefully liberated and have formed self sustaining populations. This list is based on the list of "Introduced and Naturailsed" birds from DOC publication "NZ threat classification series 4, Conservation status...

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Pest animals in New Zealand

A guide to animal pests in New Zealand. This guide is restricted to introduced animals that are wild or feral and doesn't include pesky native critters. See also http://www.doc.govt.nz/conservation/threats-and-impacts/animal-pests/animal-pests-a-z/

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Wildlife of Zealandia

A guide to the mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles, insects and other creepy crawlies commonly found in Zealandia - Karori Wildlife Sanctuary, Wellington, New Zealand.

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Conifers of New Zealand

This is a brief and incomplete guide to the native conifer trees of New Zealand. When I get time, I'll complete it!

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