1298 thumb Pest animals in New Zealand

A guide to animal pests in New Zealand. This guide is restricted to introduced animals that are wild or feral and doesn't include pesky native critters.

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Rainbow Lorikeet 1
Trichoglossus haematodus
Black Rat (Ship Rat) 2
Rattus rattus
Brown Rat (Norway Rat) 3
Rattus norvegicus
Cat (feral) 4
Felis catus
Fallow Deer 5
Dama dama
240px jake 0314
Ferret 6
Mustela furo
240px gorge du verdon goat 0254
Goat (feral) 7
Capra hircus
240px young hedgehog
Hedgehog 8
Erinaceus europaeus
3130915987 353af56089 m
Mouse 9
Mus musculus
Possum 10
Trichosurus vulpecula
3897187267 f36b5e4e7a m
Rabbit 11
Oryctolagus cuniculus
8192838573 f5e84dd13a m
Red Deer 12
Cervus elaphus elaphus
53058 orig
Rusa Deer, Javan 13
Rusa timorensis
3535611873 b06600a290 m
Sika Deer 14
Cervus nippon
Stoat 15
Mustela erminea
240px zoo praha 0717
Tahr, Himalayan 16
Hemitragus jemlahicus
Wapiti 18
Cervus elaphus nelsoni
2778719952 d0e409d8a4 m
Weasel 19
White-tailed Deer 20
Odocoileus virginianus
67033 orig
Rainbow Skink 21
Lampropholis delicata
4752060306 da59c54cec m
Brown Bullhead Catfish 22
Ameiurus nebulosus
7263642146 bfbbf22212 m
Common Carp 23
Cyprinus carpio
00535 orig
Rudd 24
Scardinius erythrophthalmus
240px gambusia affinis 01
Western Mosquitofish 25
Gambusia affinis
62049 260 190
Argentine Ant 26
Linepithema humile
Large White Butterfly 27
Pieris brassicae

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