1417 thumb Butterflies of New Zealand

Butterflies native and introduced, found in the wild in New Zealand.

Note: the classifications of NZ copper butterflies is currently being revised, and the old names here may no longer be relevant.

240px nz red admiral (vanessa gonerilla) 2 edit
New Zealand red admiral 1
Vanessa gonerilla gonerilla
Chatham Islands Red Admiral 2
Vanessa gonerilla ida
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Yellow Admiral 3
Vanessa itea
Boulder Copper 4
Lycaena boldenarum
Common Copper 4
Lycaena salustius
240px nz glade copper butterfly, female 01
Glade Copper 1
Lycaena feredayi
4911707643 08eac5da75 m
Rauparaha's Copper 5
Lycaena rauparaha
Common Grass Blue 6
Zizina labradus
87654 260 190
Blue Butterfly 6
Zizina otis labradus
240px lampides boeticus f in higashiyama zoo and botanical gardens
Long-tailed Blue 7
Lampides boeticus
7851385516 9a46508468 m
Southern Blue 4
Zizina oxleyi
56158 260 190
Blue Moon Butterfly 8
Hypolimnas bolina nerina
95552182 5e21d53444 m
Black Mountain Ringlet 4
Percnodaimon merula
Butler's Ringlet 9
Erebiola butleri
Forest Ringlet 10
Dodonidia helmsii
4912312552 c2316a1ebc m
Common Tussock 5
Argyrophenga antipodum
Harris's Tussock 11
Argyrophenga harrisi
7851413244 87a73ceb7e m
Janita's Tussock 4
Argyrophenga janitae
240px danaus plexippus m
Monarch Butterfly 12
Danaus plexippus
240px pieris rapae mhnt dos
Cabbage White 13
Pieris rapae
240px pieris brassicae femelle par nemos
Large White Butterfly 14
Pieris brassicae
240px australian painted lady butterfly 01
Australian Painted Lady 15
Vanessa kershawi

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