1897 thumb Mussels of New Zealand

The various shell fish found in the wild around New Zealand which are know as "mussels".

Asian date mussel 1
Arcuatula senhousia
Brackish Water Mussel
Xenostrobus securis
240px broadstairs   mytilus edulis 2
Blue Mussel 2
Mytilus edulis
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Brown or bearded mussel 3
Modiolus areolatus
Date mussel 4
Zelithophaga truncata
Freshwater Mussel 5
Echyridella menziesii
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Green-lipped Mussel 6
Perna canaliculus
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Horse mussel 3
Atrina zelandica
Little Black Mussel 7
Xenostrobus neozelanicus
18673 260 190
Mediterranean Mussel 8
Mytilus galloprovincialis
Nesting mussel 9
Musculus impactus
Razor mussel 4
Solemyarina parkinsonii
Ribbed Mussel 10
Aulacomya maoriana

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