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Hi! My name is Sam Kieschnick, and I am an Urban Wildlife Biologist in Dallas/Fort Worth with Texas Parks and Wildlife. My mission as an urban biologist deals with three a's: Awareness, Appreciation, Action. I hope to get the public aware of the nature all around them (biodiversity in their back yards), encourage them to appreciate it, and hopefully they will act in preserving it. I strive to be a regional expert on the flora and fauna around north central Texas as well -- iNaturalist is such a great tool in this practice!

I am extremely interested in nature and connecting kids and adults to the outdoors. I have a background in mammalian genetics (master's thesis on population genetics of pocket gophers) and have a bit of training in botany (few years at Botanical Research Institute of Texas). These days I am more focused on nature education (taught botany and zoology at Weatherford College, then as a science interpreter at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, and as a nature educator at Fort Worth Nature Center and with the City of Mansfield).

I probably spend more time looking at plants than any of the other organisms. I enjoy taxonomy and the 'organization' of organisms. I'm definitely no expert, but I am quite fond of bugs, birds, mammals, herps, and all sorts of different organisms as well! Whenever I see or hear about a critter I've never heard of before, I am driven to go and research it. iNat gives me that fix. :)

I'm using iNaturalist not just to increase my understanding of the different organisms around me, but also to incorporate it into some of my environmental education programs. This may tell you a little more about why I love iNat:

Please let me know if I mis-ID'ed any of these observations. Thanks! :) I admit -- I am super wrong from time to time. Let me know when I've goofed.

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