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August 11, 2012


SPORANGIA: Total height 2 to 3 mm. globose, ellipsoid, or obovoid, gregarious, stalked, erect, 0.5 to 1 mm. diam., purplish black with iridescent blue or purple reflections, or brassy;

PERIDIUM: membranous, persistent, purplish in the lower part, occasionally mottled with darker shades.

STALK: cylindrical, straight, 1.5 to 2 mm. high, purplish black, shining, longitudinally striate or rugose, rising from a dark purplish hypothallus.

COLUMELLA: cylindrical with a conical apex, or clavate, reaching to more than half the height of the sporangium.

CAPILLITIUM: dense, of brownish purple threads, radiating from the columella, sparingly forked and anastomosing, towards the surface branching and forming a delicate, nearly colorless network.

SPORES: purple-gray, closely spinulose, 11-14 µm in diameter.

PLASMODIUM: opaque white, rarely yellow HABITAT: On mosses, mossy stumps, logs, and rocks.

DISTRIBUTION: Cosmopolitan, known from Auckland, Dunedin and Campbell Island.

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