Projects are a way to pool your observations with other people on NatureWatch NZ. Whether you're interested in starting a citizen science project or just keeping tabs on the birds in a nearby park with your local birding club, Projects are the way to go.

Recently active projects from New Zealand

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Intertidal Zone icon

Intertidal Zone

This project covers all records of living organisms (animals and algae) in the coastal zone between low and...
Kereru Discovery icon

Kereru Discovery

The Kererū Discovery is a conservation project focusing on the kererū - New Zealand’s iconic native pigeo...
Kea Monitoring icon

Kea Monitoring

Kea numbers are dropping and they are now a Nationally Endangered species. Finding out how many are left an...
Kārearea NZ Falcon monitoring icon

Kārearea NZ Falcon monitoring

Kārearea, the New Zealand Falcon (Falco novaeseelandiae) is the only remaining bird of prey endemic to New ...
CoastBlitz New Plymouth icon

CoastBlitz New Plymouth

CoastBlitz is a BioBlitz on the coast. It aims to explore and document what lives there. Here’s how it w...
Ecol202 Biodiversity Coast-to-Coast 2015 and later icon

Ecol202 Biodiversity Coast-to-Coast 2015 and later

Each year, Lincoln University's second year biological diversity class goes on a three-day "Biodiversity Co...
Backyard Biodiversity Bugs in Lincoln icon

Backyard Biodiversity Bugs in Lincoln

This project aims to make people more aware of the invertebrate (insects, spiders, etc) biodiversity that l...
Blue Fleet Monitoring NZ icon

Blue Fleet Monitoring NZ

We know that the whole of the blue fleet landed in NZ Feb 2016 so this project is for recording other Blue ...
Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve icon

Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve

The purpose of this project is to provide an ongoing, accessible record of the marine life observed in the ...
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Recently created projects from New Zealand

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Collection locations icon

Collection locations

Collection sites
Chatham Island Group icon

Chatham Island Group

This project documents observations of both exotic and indigenous flora and fauna of the terrestrial and ma...
NZ Plant Phenology icon

NZ Plant Phenology

This a project to encourage everyone in New Zealand to add phenology fields to your plant observations. ...
Ranfurly Bay Scenic Reserve icon

Ranfurly Bay Scenic Reserve

listing and naming anything that lives and breathes in this area :)
Spartina invasions icon

Spartina invasions

This project will help with detecting Spartina invasions for weed control Spartina (commonly known as co...
BioBlitz Bell Block Kaitiaki icon

BioBlitz Bell Block Kaitiaki

This project has been set up for the Kaitiaki Group at Puketapu School. The aim is to record species found ...
RNZ Nights for Nature icon

RNZ Nights for Nature

Provide a conduit between RNZ and its audience for talking about nature. Nature here is the inhabitants ...
Bush City bioblitz icon

Bush City bioblitz

How many insects, birds, fungi, and plants are now living in Te Papa's Bush City? We know what species wer...
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