Please add your Little Blue observations to this national project!

Hi everyone,

We are trialing this project to accumulate a national database to support penguin monitoring...
In addition we have a GIS intern who is using this project as the pilot for a new method of generating maps from data held in NWNZ (so we'd like as many observations in there as possibly .. hopefully with a national spread!)

If you receive an invitation to add one of your observations to this project please do so. You'll be invited to fill out the custom fields that go with the project. Don't worry if you haven't recorded the info needed for these fields - they can also be left blank.

and .. for your future penguin obs collect the info needed for these fields if you can. Add your Little Blue penguin obs directly to this project when you upload to NWNZ!

Thanks for participating and look out for news and results of the GIS mapping project later this year :)

Posted on August 31, 2015 08:41 PM by shane_orchard shane_orchard | 2 comments | Leave a comment

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