This project is all about automatically monitoring wildlife without the need for someone to be there. I think we will limit this to vertebrates. A number of different methods are commonly used.
1) Tracking tunnels, usually a physical box designed to attract a particular species (eg entrance hole sizes or lures), and the target steps on an ink (or other marker) then on to paper, recording their footprints.
2) Chew cards, cards impregnated with a lure attractive to the target species. Bite marks confirm the target being present in the area.
3) Deadly traps, obviously only suitable for vermin.
4) Live capture traps.
5) Time-lapse cameras, taking photos at regular intervals, maybe only during set hours. Hoping ...more ↓

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Share photographs, results and ideas about monitoring wildlife, anything from tracking tunnels to movement/heat triggered cameras. Now also including insect/lizard shelters but generally omitting pit-fall traps.

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